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L'étrange Pays

L'étrange Pays

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Limited edition photography | Unique Process


  • Inkjet print on highly reflective brushed chrome film that gives a metallic sheen to the image.
  • Printed with translucid ink. That allows the light to reach the aluminum and reflect even in the darker area.
  • Mounted on aluminum composite (die-bond) for more stability and durability than any other medium. The panel is also installed on a faceless maple frame (viewed from the side only)
  • Sealed with a high-quality glossy epoxy resin with anti yellowing and UV protection agent. It protects the print, multiplies the color brilliance, depth and increases the metallic reflection.


* Because it is nearly impossible to show the metallic effect and epoxy finish in an image, we can mail you a sample for only 5$. Simply select sample option in the drop-box menu below.   

* Each image is signed, have their own serial number and limited to 99 copies. There are only 1 custom sizes available for horizontal images but we can pretty much make it the size you need. The maximum size is 50'' (127cm) for the shortest edge.

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