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The last months have been very busy. Although the inventory of the shop is very low it is still possible to order by contacting me by phone or email. New orders should be completed by the end of April. The inventory of the shop should be back to normal by the end of March. 


Physical Graffiti H 23.5''X 41.875''

Physical Graffiti H 23.5''X 41.875''

  • Printed on a high reflective brushed silver film
  • Mounted on  a composite aluminum (dieBond)
  • Installed on a tinted faceless maple frame
  • Finish with Epoxy Resin (Art Resin)
  • Size :  41.875''width X 23.5''height X 1.625''depth
  • Total Weight: 12 lbs
  • SN# 4342.0617.BSALU.FL02
  • Edition: 02/99

The image is printed on a highly reflective Brushed Silver film which gives the colors a metallics effect. The image is mounted on a composite aluminum panel and installed on a faceless 2 stages dyed maple frame. The entire pieces in then cover with an extra gloss epoxy resin from Art Resin. This process gives a 3d effect to the image and from a certain angle, it looks like the art pieces is backlit.     

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